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Happy Tuesday, YOP! Be sure to check your email for information regarding today's rehearsal. We have a special guest with us today, and you'll need the link in your email to join the Zoom room! See you at 5pm!
Posted: 4 months ago
YCO/CS/WE Viola, Cello, Woodwinds, and Brass: Today's your sectional day! Please check your email or MusicFirst for your sectional Zoom link. Violinists: you'll be working with Dr. Goldie at your usual Zoom link. RSYO: full ensemble rehearsal at your usual Zoom link. Sinfonietta: full ensemble rehearsal at your usual Zoom link.
Posted: 5 months ago
YCO/Camerata VIOLINISTS! Check your email for a link to your sectional on 3/2! 🙂 All other YCO/CS/WE musicians will meet at our usual ensemble Zoom link.
Posted: 5 months ago
Camerata, YCO, and RSYO students! You are now officially able to submit your application materials for our first-ever Digital Solo Competition. Complete this form to submit. Be sure to complete the form no later than March 31!
Posted: 5 months ago
RSYO Students: Please check your email and MusicFirst for links to access your sectional on Tuesday, 2/23! YCO/CS/WE will rehearse as a full ensemble in your usual Zoom room. Sinfonietta will rehearse as a full ensemble in your usual Zoom room.
Posted: 5 months ago
General Announcment Parents New Class
Interested in joining one of our amazing Youth Orchestras? Auditions will take place January 26th. Click here for more information.
Posted: 6 months ago
Special Event Parents Change of Dates
"Music Explorations: Jazz Edition" has been postponed! It will now take place on Tuesday, January 19th at 6pm EST. The event is free. Register here to receive the Zoom invite.
Posted: 7 months ago
General Announcment Special Event Parents New Class
Full registration for our Spring 2021 semester is now open! Check out our class catalogue here.
Posted: 7 months ago

Important RSSoM Dates

Registration for Fall 2021 Courses is now OPEN!