Youth Orchestra Program

String Sinfonietta

String Sinfonietta is the entry-level string ensemble of the Youth Orchestra Program. Unlike the other ensembles in the YOP, there is no audition requirement for Sinfonietta.

2024-2025 Full Season Tuition: $460

String Sinfonietta Rehearsal Dates

Mondays | 5:00pm - 6:30pm

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About String Sinfonietta

Entry-Level Strings
Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass

Matt Wilson, conductor
Music Educator, Richmond Public Schools

String Sinfonietta is the entry-level string ensemble of the Youth Orchestra Program. Unlike the other ensembles in the YOP, there is no audition requirement for Sinfonietta. In this ensemble, students learn the basics of playing in an orchestra. They learn about their section within the orchestra, and their role within the section. Students learn to watch and follow a conductor, and how to listen to other sections in the orchestra. Above all, the young musicians in String Sinfonietta learn the joy of making music with others.

Audition Requirements

NO formal audition required, however successful students will have mastery over the following requirements. Scale Requirements All Strings: G, D, & C major, 2 octaves preferred (Bass=1 octave) Fundamental Requirements All Strings: First position notes on all 4 strings Violins: some basic 3rd position on the E string Cellos: some basic 2½ and 3rd position on the A string Basses: some basic 2½ and 3rd position on the G string (high C/D) area) Notation knowledge Eighth, quarter, half & whole notes, dotted rhythms Time signatures: 4/4 & 3/4 time All strings must be able to play 2-note slurs

YOP General FAQs

String Sinfonietta, Camerata Strings, and Youth Concert Orchestra present two concerts each season.

Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra presents three performances each season.

Most youth orchestra concerts take place in Carpenter Theatre at the Dominion Energy Center. We also work to provide additional performance opportunities for all ensembles in the community throughout the season.

Yes! In an effort to ensure that participation in YOP is accessible to all students regardless of their ability to pay, we are proud to offer a number of tuition assistance programs: Need-based Financial AidMerit Based Scholarships, and 90% tuition assistance for Parent Representatives.

Private lessons are not required, however they are strongly encouraged for all of our students to help advance their skills.

Parent Representatives are a vital ingredient for the success of YOP. Parent representatives are present at every rehearsal to assist with set-up and to supervise check-in and dismissal.  90% tuition assistance will be granted for one child per parent representative in YOP for the current year. Applications are reviewed at the beginning of each season. Apply to be a parent rep here.

Yes! The Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program is very proud to support music education at all levels, and our policy has always been that Youth Orchestra musicians must participate in their school’s band and/or orchestra program, if class instruction is offered for their instrument. A Teacher’s signature required during enrollment period.

Find your School Participation form here.

Some YOP ensembles do have age restrictions. All YOP students must be enrolled in Public, Private, or Home school. College students are not eligible to join YOP.

  • String Sinfonietta: No age restriction.
  • Camerata Strings: No age restriction. Students should have prior ensemble experience.
  • Percussion Ensemble: Rising 5th grade or higher
  • Youth Concert Orchestra: Rising 5th grade or higher.
  • Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra: Rising 7th grade or higher

YOP Audition FAQs

There is no cost to audition for the Youth Orchestra Program. Check each ensemble's page to learn more about tuition costs.

Our youth orchestra ensembles are separated by skill level, not by age or grade, following the order below:

String Sinfonietta (no audition required)
Camerata Strings
Youth Concert Orchestra (YCO): rising 5th grade or higher
Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra (RSYO): rising 7th grade or higher

Percussion Ensemble requires an audition with the Director, Dr. Justin Alexander, who will also place students into either YCO or RSYO.

Please note that YCO and RSYO require age minimums, as detailed above.

Each ensemble requires different audition guidelines, which can be found under each ensemble’s page. We recommend that you/your student review these guidelines with their school music teacher or private instructor in order to select the appropriate level for you/your student.

Sinfonietta Strings, our entry level ensemble, does not require an audition.

Any additional questions about recommended ensemble levels can be directed to the YOP team:

Students should come ready to perform Scales, Prepared Selections, and Sightreading. Refer to each ensemble's guidelines for specific instructions on what should be prepared.

YOP Auditions are not blind. Judges will be able to see the student throughout the audition and may ask questions and review selections during your audition.

We encourage students to dress in whatever way feels comfortable and allows adequate movement so they can play their instrument well.

We do not require Suzuki specific repertoire, but we do recommend students use the following Suzuki Book Levels as guidelines for their Prepared Selections:

  • Camerata Strings: Suzuki Book levels 2 - 4
  • Youth Concert Orchestra: Suzuki Book levels 4 - 5+
  • Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra: Suzuki Book levels 6+

For YCO and RSYO auditions, please visit each ensemble’s guidelines for further suggested instrument-specific repertoire to help guide your selections.

We do not require students to participate in regional auditions outside of the youth orchestra program, but we do recommend students use the following guidelines for their prepared selections:

  • YCO - SRO audition etudes
  • RSYO - All-state audition etudes

For YCO and RSYO wind and brass auditions, please visit each ensemble’s guidelines for further suggested instrument-specific repertoire to help guide your selections.

For percussion auditions, please contact Dr. Justin Alexander ( for specific repertoire questions.

All students should come ready to perform Scales, Prepared Selections, and Sightreading. Refer to each ensemble's guidelines for more specific instructions for audition preparation.

Students who are auditioning for the Youth Orchestra Program should bring the following:

  • Instrument
  • A music stand for the warm-up room (A music stand is provided in the audition room.)
  • Three copies of your Prepared Selections (if applicable)
  • A copy of your excerpts (For RSYO Students)
  • A water bottle and tuner are optional, but always a good idea!

Students should expect audition results in the two weeks after their audition.

Our judges will work to place students in the ensemble that best fits their current skill set. Students who do not get accepted to their chosen ensemble may be offered a spot in another ensemble, and/or be placed on a waiting list.

Students on a waiting list will be notified of any changes before the start of the season if a spot in an ensemble opens up. Students must be enrolled in the ensemble they were placed in order to be eligible for the waiting list.

Please reach out to the YOP team ( with details about your conflict and we will work towards an alternate audition option on a case-by-case basis.

A link to YOP registration will be emailed to students and families when audition results are distributed.

The Youth Orchestra Program holds additional mid-season auditions in November to fill any holes in our sections (typically woodwinds and brass). These auditions are only for students new to the program. We cannot guarantee your instrument will have an opening during these mid-season auditions, so we encourage students to audition during the June audition cycle. Current YOP students may only audition into a higher ensemble during June auditions.

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