14 Classes – Spring Semester

Pre-College Music Theory: Harmony 1

Monday   5:00pm  February 8 – May 17, 2021
55 minutes

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Music Theory | Precollege

This course continues to build on previous knowledge while adding cadences, four-part writing, more complex rhythmic dictation and musical dictation.

Students should be able to identify and write major and all forms of minor scales in all key signatures in treble and bass clefs; identify and sing all major and perfect intervals ascending; be able to write all notes and rest in treble and bass clefs. Access to music theory and ear training applications through our learning management system, MusicFirst, is included.

This is a continuation of the Theory 1 course and requires successful completion of Theory 1 and/or a placement test.

Required Materials & Technology

Computer, tablet, or smartphone with microphone/camera + internet access. In our current virtual session, students should have access to a printer or make other arrangements so that materials can be delivered to them.


Placement Exam

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Dana McComb

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