4 Classes - Fall Semester

For Your Ears Only, Level 2 – Fall 2021

Tuesday   7:00pm  September 7 - December 7, 2021
60-75 minutes

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Music Listening | Adult

Ready to expand your listening skills? Level 2 of “”For Your Ears Only”” builds on the concepts covered in Level 1 and takes a broader approach to music listening. Now that you can identify and describe things like color, feeling, conversation, and motion, you’re ready to learn how to listen for imagery, character and mood, stories, as well as tension and release in music. You’ll be introduced to some great new repertoire but you’ll also get a chance to revisit some of the pieces from Level 1 with a fresh perspective.

As in Level 1, no assignments will be given outside of class time, but listening lists will be provided for those who would like to strengthen their new skills. Don’t forget to bring your listening journal!

**Class is offered as a package only (no individual classes may be sold.)
Class will meet on the following Tuesdays at 7pm:

Required Materials & Technology

Computer, tablet, or smartphone with microphone/camera + internet access.




Ellen Cockerham Riccio

Ellen Cockerham Riccio has served as Principal Second Violin of the Richmond Symphony since 2009. Previously, she served as Principal Se… Read More >>

adrian pintea

Adrian Pintea

Romanian violinist Constantin Adrian Pintea has performed throughout Europe and the United States as a soloist and chamber music player.… Read More >>

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