4 Classes - Summer Semester

Drums in The Orchestra: from the Battlefields to the Concert Hall

Tuesday   7:00pm  July 6 - July 27, 2021
60-75 minutes

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Music History | Adult, Precollege

From world folk and popular music, American vaudeville and European nightclubs, join Cliff Hardison, RSO percussionist, as we take a lively tour around the world!

Starting in 18th century Germany, then onto 19th century Europe and Russia, to early 20th century American ragtime and jazz – with a few pit stops in South America and Africa – this fun and engaging journey explores all the ways in which the modern-day percussion section came into the orchestra.

With an up-close look at Bolero, with its hypnotic and seductive charm, to the musical polar opposite – the signal of battle in Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony – this course will reveal the significance of percussion in orchestral repertoire and beyond.

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Computer, tablet, or smartphone with microphone/camera + internet access



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