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Harmony I

Ready for the next level of Music Theory? Harmony I continues to build on previous knowledge while adding cadences, four-part writing, more complex rhythmic dictation and musical dictation. This class is open to anyone who has previously completed Theory I with RSSoM, as well as anyone who passes an at-home, no stress placement test. Interested …

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Intro to Music Theory for Adults

Have you always wished that you knew more about the building blocks of music? Intro to Music Theory for Adults might be for you! This course will combine written and aural theory to increase understanding and explore the foundations of music. Each class will move at a speed that allows all students to gain a …

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Chamber Music for RSYO Students

Open to RSYO students, chamber music will be offered in person for the 2021-2022 season! Chamber music offers an exciting opportunity to work closely with Richmond Symphony musicians on challenging and enriching repertoire. This fall, students will work with their coach for eight rehearsals, culminating in a recital performance on Friday, May 13 2022. Once …

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Alexander Technique for Adults

Need a little more coordination in your life? Join certified Alexander Technique instructor and Richmond Symphony musician, Jocelyn Vorenburg, in a one month, 4 class, course designed to help students improve habits in posture and movement. What is Alexander Technique? Alexander Technique allows you to develop greater awareness of postural habits that get in the …

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For Your Ears Only, Level 2

Ready to expand your listening skills? Level 2 of “For Your Ears Only” builds on the concepts covered in Level 1 and takes a broader approach to music listening. Now that you can identify and describe things like color, feeling, conversation, and motion, you’re ready to learn how to listen for imagery, character and mood, …

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Exploring Chopin

In this class, we will explore the life and music of Frederic Chopin, and discuss how pivotal life events shaped the composer’s artistic viewpoint and contributed to the creation of masterpieces which are cherished by the audiences across the globe. We will try to find an answer to what makes his music unique, appealing and …

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For Your Ears Only, Level 1

Listening to a live concert is an experience that can be as personal as it is communal. In this 4-class interactive course, you will be given a set of skills that will help you get more out of any concert situation. Think of it like adding various filters to enhance certain aspects of the music. …

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Beyond Category: Duke Ellington

Beyond Category: Duke Ellington explores the music and life of one of jazz’s most important artists, pianist/composer Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington. We will investigate the history of jazz using Ellington’s unique musical vision as a guide. Topics central to this course will be Ellington’s creativity as a composer, his role as a leading bandleader in …

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Black Music Discovery

This course examines the lives and music of historical Black composers in classical music. We will discuss larger social topics in order to draw parallels of the historical and social trends of Blackness in America. Topics to include: Black Nationalism, Identity, Black Womanhood, Protest Music, and BLM. Each week, a specific composer and social topic …

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